About the Artist

About the Artist

Bailliere’s current body of work focuses on the life cycles of plants and gardens, both indoors in the still life tradition and outside as gardens and botanical landscapes. While her work has always concerned the ephemeral quality of time, this interest in the botanical world began in the spring of 2020 when all of the usual modern methods of timekeeping became irrelevant. Feeling unmoored without the framework of a calendar marked by specific events and daily commitments, Bailliere looked to the natural world for evidence that would anchor each moment in time. As spring became summer then fall, she paid closer attention to the subtle changes in the angle of the light and the shifts in the foliage, watching as flowers became fruits and leaves emerged into radiant green then fell away. This meditation on the natural world as a physical manifestation of time passing has remained a constant source of wonder and inspiration for her painting. Bailliere’s primary medium is oil paint.

"As a gardener, you are very much aware that your existence is for a very short period of time, and that you are just like the plants are, rising and blooming, and then fading.”
-Marc Hamer


Bailliere holds an MFA in visual art from Mills College, a BA cum laude in French from Duke University with extensive coursework in visual art and art history, and a post-bac in visual art and design from UC Berkeley. While on a Duke junior year abroad in Paris, she studied art history at the Université de Paris and painting at the Académie de Port-Royal. Bailliere spent a high school semester at the Cleveland Institute of Art in Lacoste, France where she focused solely on painting and drawing.

In addition to sustaining an active studio practice, Bailliere is an adjunct professor of art at Contra Costa College.

Bailliere's work has been presented at the Mills College Art Museum, the Worth Ryder Gallery at UC Berkeley, the Berkeley Art Center, the Palo Alto Art Center and the Five Points Arts Gallery in Torrington, Connecticut, among other venues. Bailliere was a recipient of the Being Human residency at the Palo Alto Art Center in 2018, and in 2016, she was a finalist for a residency fellowship at the Headlands Center of the Arts. Her 2022 painting "Look Up!" was the subject of a long-term outdoor public art installation in downtown Mill Valley, California from October 2022 through March, 2023. Her work is included in many corporate and private collections.

Bailliere's work is represented by Hang Art Gallery in San Francisco. Please direct inquiries to info@hangart.com.