I explore with materials. My work exists between painting and sculpture as I create paintings from sculptural materials and use traditional painting materials in a sculptural way. I work primarily in hydrocal, a type of plaster, for its ability to hold an impression and freeze a moment.

In my studio practice, I push materials to see how far I can take them. Traditional casting materials are poured over panels and suspended to preserve a moment. Paint is applied to a surface and then cast in plaster, effectively creating a mirror-image impression of a painting. Objects are frozen into plaster panels. Acrylic paint is squeezed into long strings and suspended from panels to create paint shag rugs. Graphite is rubbed over poured plaster to create a rubbing of the bumps and imperfections created on the plaster surface. Plaster materials are so affected by the environment (air, humidity) and exact mixing ratios are so critical, I enjoy that I have few successes for so many failures.